Our Manhattan Geriatric Podiatrists Are Experts In Senior Foot Health



As we age, our skin and toenails get thicker and dryer. To protect your feet and keep you walking pain-free, we recommend podiatric treatment every two months. For care of the thicker skin, painful nails and dryer skin that come with age, our painless and expert foot care will keep you comfortable and walking.

senior foot and ankle care in manhattan

Also, it is generally helpful to have a doctor examine your feet every two months for preventable care. Our Doctors at Park Avenue Podiatry Center notice signs of serious systemic conditions like diabetes, arthritis and circulatory disease in the foot. Some symptoms of health issues that can be found in the feet include: brittle nails, dry skin, burning and tingling sensations and feelings of cold, numbness and discoloration. A patient who notices any of these signs should contact us immediately.


Please schedule an appointment for complete evaluation. We are wheelchair accessible.