My wife has toenail fungus.

My wife has toenail fungus. What should our family do to keep from getting it?

Toenail Fungus (onychomycosis) is not highly contagious, but spores can live in warm, moist areas such as shower stalls. Help protect your family by spraying this area with a cleaning product that contains bleach every day. Your wife should wear flip-flops around public pools or showers. She can wear socks to bed to help protect you, and the family should not share towels, nail clippers or other items with her.

Fungal infection on toenails is difficult to eradicate. Two laser treatments (they may not be covered by insurance) given three month apart plus a topical medication such as Formula 3, produce the best results for my patients.

I also recommend the SteriShoe, a Product that uses ultraviolet light to eliminate Fungi and germs from shoes ($150 at ) or antimicrobial shoe sprays such as Clean Sweep or Gehwol Foot & Shoe Deoderants (about $30 each).

Johanna Youner, DPM, a podiatric surgeon in private practice in New York City.

Park Avenue Podiatry Center